Hello.  Everyone calls me Ady but my 'Sunday' name is Adrian.  On Twitter I'm @cricketrulz because my then 12 year old daughter thought it was a 'cool' web nickname!  It does grow on you, honest.  

Like most testers I had a roundabout journey to the profession.  From the early days as an auditor I 'tested' processes and systems and a lot of those techniques apply to software.  From there it was creating bespoke management systems to meet ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management Systems including Health & Safety 18001 and Environment 14001.  

After redundancy and a lack of opportunities in that space I moved to the financial sector moving around a little through a few roles until an opportunity arose in testing.  It was there I found my passion for all things test and agile.  I've had some great mentors along the way and continue to learn new things daily.  Now after over 20 years in testing and testing related roles I'm looking to give back to the testing community by sharing my thoughts and ideas.  I hope you find something useful in them but am more than happy to be challenged on my thoughts and enjoy reading any feedback people are gracious enough to offer.  

What I've achieved 

  • Creator of the Periodic Table of Testing 
  • Creator of a global quality initiative for Computershare raising awareness of testing through tasks 
  • Accessibility advisor to multiple projects 
  • Multiple Test Lead, Quality Assurance and specialist roles including senior management postions on legacy, multi tenant applications and web development projects 
  • Speaker at Test Atelier IV -  Colleagues to Community, creating an internal test community at Computershare 
  • Speaker at Leeds Tester Gathering - Periodic Table of Testing Overview 
  • Published in Ministry of Testing - Periodic Table of Data  
  • Published in Testing Experience Magazine Issue 14 - Continuous Testing of a Data Warehouse - Free subscription required to view, pg140
  • Contributed to the book ‘Going Agile’ by Gloria J Millar  Second Edition January 2016
Ady has this knack of both seeing the whole picture and dropping down into the detail to see things we hadn’t thought of.
— Alan Taylor