Disabled by Their Environment - Test.Bash() Manchester 2019

A Testing and Accessibility Poem

This poem was performed at Test.Bash() Manchester in their 99-second talks. This was inspired by Krissie Barrick’s talk at Accessibility Nottingham about a day in the life of a person with disabilities (https://www.accessibilitynottingham.co.uk/recent-events/#562)

Note: Cp stands for cerebral palsy

Disabled by Their Environment

There’s these people

With disabilities

Who want

To do things like you and me

Who need

The same things we do

But sometimes

They just can’t breakthrough


Tickets online

No forms for helpers

Ring on a landline

It’s a chore

For those with no voice

It’s a bore

No way to rejoice

Ask the smart speaker

What will the weather be?

I can’t understand you

You have Cp

Social media

The whole worlds communicating

Images without descriptions

Can be so grating

Travel apps

They just need to get there

But with no descriptions

Can they use a wheelchair?


Get where they need to be

But poor tech

Means they can’t trust step free!

But it’s simple

We have the solution

Tech could be great

If we make a resolution

Online Access

Is a human right

One we take for granted

Like day follows night

It’s illegal

Everybody knows

But most don’t care

Like bloody Dominos

Make great tech

Don’t be part of the confusion


And ensure we have inclusion