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The Big Test Theory is the place that I (Adrian ‘Ady’ Stokes) put all my thoughts and ideas connected to the Periodic Table of Testing and a few other bits. Here you will find the latest version of the table and the elements scoping categories. 

I hope you enjoy it and please pop along to the blog.  Feel free to ask questions and challenge my thoughts.

All opinions are my own unless credited.  Feel free to use the table in any way you find useful, but I'd appreciate you sharing with me what you do with it and crediting me please, thank you. 

Adrian (Ady) Stokes

I thought this is it, how can things possibly get any better than this. I am home. Well, let me tell you how it got better – the one and only Ady Stokes is how. His talk was on the Periodic Table of Testing, an exhaustive list of every type of testing you could think of, as well as important definitions and considerations to make when testing. I would highly recommend going to his website The Big Test Theory to have a look around.
— Underdeveloped Bruce
I think this (Periodic Table of Testing) is a brilliant idea, and really glad you shared it!
— Laura Doherty
New version 1.3 for easier printing

New version 1.3 for easier printing

scoping categories

Post explaining my thinking on these Scoping Categories

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Periodic Table of Testing v2.0

Periodic Table of Testing v2.0

periodic table of testing

See the current version of the table with the link below.

Current Periodic Table

Highly recommend all the speakers but if you want to jump my talk begins at 53:26.

Colleagues to Community, talk from Leeds Test Atelier on building an internal community at Computershare in Skipton.  Other great talks from Atelier are available. 

The latest Leeds Tester Gathering from 9th September 2017 featuring talks on alternative meetings, accessibility and with yours truly as host. 

Very impressive and can definitely see how this would be useful to people
— g-crawford20